Leatherface (03/09/2010)



Leatherface The missing link between the post-rock angularism of early '80s college rock and Lemmy Kilmister freight-train mondo metal, Sunderland, U.K.'s Leatherface has been called the thinking man's punk band, and with good reason. Singer Frankie Stubbs is a first-rate lyricist, never taking the easy rhyme (or, indeed, not rhyming at all) when a particularly delicious le mot juste or turn of phrase will do instead. The band's 1991 release Mush, while hardly well-known, has become a touchstone for a new generation of bands like The 400 Blows, Future of the Left, and Dillinger Four, which, sez here, is reason enough to warrant a trip to the venerable Ghetto Fortress. The Milestone

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