Mixtape review: Fabolous



The Deal: The same day Drake released the first official single from his debut album, Fabolous knocks it off the hip-hop front page with his long-awaited mixtape.

The Good: Fab holds on to his title as king of one-liners, I mean he was really consistent with the punchlines, finding about a dozen new ways to say he slayed someone... lyrically, of course. The piano and synth-heavy original tracks are cool but he shines over the familiar beats, so much so you'll wish he was on the official remixes. DJ Drama actually did more than loan his name to a mixtape, talking his usual shit.

The Bad: More than a little repetitive but the title and cover alone should've told you that. A few yawn-worthy guest appearances too.

The Verdict: Dope, free music. Everything you'd imagine.

Download here.

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