In Concert: Jackyl & Jenny Owen Youngs (03/05/2010)



Jackyl These AC/DC-Skynyrd wannabes actually went Platinum in the early '90s with their Geffen debut. Now they've morphed into a nostalgic "real deal rock" act with unintentionally hilarious titles like My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine's Ass, all the while still tilting at Cobain's ghost for ruining everybody's fun. And that's the flame they're keeping alive – or so they want you to believe. Look beyond the rock star snarls, chain saw gimmicks, and douche-y soul patches (no doubt mirrored by their stripper-GF's landing strips), and you'll see this is a business enterprise, period. The band's music/video-free Web site is actually a front for the biker bar the lead singer owns and the truTV "actuality" show shot there. The music? A lobotomy of cliché-riffs and South's Gonna Do It Again nonsense. With Swamp da Wamp. Amos' Southend (John Schacht)

Jenny Owen Youngs Any girl with an acoustic guitar may be quickly pigeon-holed into some folk singer's category that makes her a lot like every other girl with an acoustic guitar. This one is different though. How so? Well, she toured with Regina Spektor, so that has to give her some kind of indie cred. Then she had a song called "Fuck Was I" appear on the show Weeds. That doesn't sound like the typical cookie-cutter shit to me. The Evening Muse (Jeff Hahne)

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