Mixtape Review: Chris Brown



The Deal: Now, R&B singers put out mixtapes like rappers, this is Chris Brown's leap into the madness.

The Good: It took a media controversy for this dude to finally to step away from doing bubblegum shit. However, don't get it twisted. Most of this is still for young girls, but at least he can outright talk about sex, curse and be a more stereotypical R&B singer — we're too old for the innuendo. His "remixes" of Trey Songz hits are funny and "Sex" could actually be a really sold single.

The Bad: Last I checked, Chris Brown could still sing really well, this isn't indicative of his vocal abilities whatsoever. All that's missing on this mixtape are the screaming girls from the live show to push me over the edge of crazy (in a bad way). Lot's of synth, generic auto-tune and catchy hooks I can't get out of my head! As weird as it sounds, I miss the old, screaming on every track and hilarious adlib, DJ Drama.

The Verdict: Not my taste but really? This mixtape wasn't for my demographic at all. I'm sure it's in heavy rotation for fast ass lil' girls and the high school dudes that are trying to freak them. There's a few songs I wouldn't mind hearing at a party but otherwise I wouldn't dedicate the hard drive space for this one, just stream it.

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