Video review: 'Video Phone' by Beyonce, featuring Lady Gaga



The Deal: Beyonce's long-awaited (well, by somebody) music video version of the song "Video Phone" — from her still-kicking album I Am ... Sasha Fierce — debuted on MTV this morning.

The Good: I know, I know: Beyonce is a substance-less pop star. True. But, damn, the woman sure does look good. And in this video, she does more poppin' and shakin' than almost anything else I've ever seen her do. Not exactly a step forward for mankind, but — still — nice to look at. Just sayin.' This time around, Beyonce also decided to trade in her nearly trademarked leg-baring leotards (see "Single Ladies," "Diva," "Halo," etc.) to sport a daring, African-inspired (?) two-piece number. But, don't fret — the leotards are there ... in multiple colors, too. Oh, and I thought it was interesting the way men were somewhat objectified by being shown, for the most part, as faceless/headless bodies.

The Bad: Why exactly was Lady Gaga in this video? Her voice adds nothing to what was actually a pretty mediocre song. And the dance sequence with Beyonce and Lady Gaga? Hey, Gaga can't keep up with Beyonce's poppin' and shakin.' (But, then, who can?!) On top of that, Gaga looks a little emaciated next to the more athletic B. Regarding other aspects of the video, what's up with all the guns? Not sure what that has to do with a video phone.

The Verdict: Hey ... if you like looking at Beyonce, you'll dig it.

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