The return of Chris Brown + mixtape Weezy



Chris Brown is apparently done wearing big bowtie's on CNN and taking a break from highway garbage collection, to do the thing he did so well before he went after Rihanna like a spider monkey.

His new video, "I Can Transform Ya," with Swizz Beats and Lil Wayne seems better suited for the Transformers 3 soundtrack than radio stations but the video is kinda hot. I'm personally not a fan of ninja extras/backup dancers but whatever works right? Here's the video.

"I leave the pussy micro soft like Windows Vista..."

Ahh, it's been a while since we've heard the clever quips of Lil Wayne on other people's beats but the return of "Mixtape Weezy" is a very welcomed voice to CD decks and iPod's everywhere.

With anticipation building for his No Ceilings mixtape dropping on Halloween, several tracks have been leaked with the familiar rapper turned arena rocker dropping gems.

Over Jay-Z, Kanye & Rihanna's "Run This Town," he spits that "perfection is the goal and I'm headed for the pylon" in between lines about how he still gets tons of ass and destroys competing rappers.

On Gucci Mane's "Wasted," "shakes pussies up like a vibrator" before repping his city, "a New Orleans n*gga, I get Super Dome" before crapping on his counterparts' skills, money and status. References to Step Brothers, The Little League World Series and global warming are all becoming textbook but still very dope.

And on F.L.Y.'s "Swag Surfin," familiar lines about getting high, shout outs to T.I., Nomar Garcipara and all his baby mama coupled with lines like, "Walk around like I'm 30 feet tall, I'm Tiger Woods on these hoes and tryin to bury these balls" and the aforementioned Windows Vista reference means Weezy is hardly deter by his multiple recent/impending pregnancies/new kids.

You can hear all the leaked tracks and even songs with Weezy and Weezer here.

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