10-in-10 CD reviews



Each Friday, we bring you reviews of 10 recently-released CDs done in 10 words each:

Robert Glasper Double Booked — Pianist goes the route of traditional jazz for snappy songs.

Mew No More Stories — Danish trio, NIN opener offers up some “interesting,” dreamy music.

AT s/t — Quirky folk songs sound as if recorded in someone’s basement.

Tye Banks Living a Dream — Raleigh rapper known for Captain Flouride, writing “Carolina Hurricanes” song.

Jack Ingram Big Dreams & High Hopes — Award-winning, recent record-breaker releases his latest country effort.

The Elms The Great American Midrange — Fourth album from Indiana group sounds like charged up Mellencamp.

John Lefebvre Psalngs — Canadian singer kinda sounds like a poor man’s Neil Young.

The Jaded Rakes Three Songs — Sounds like Wilco on one song, Flaming Lips on next.

Paris Keeling End of Ride — Rock veterans get help from the likes of Don Dokken.

Waitiki 7 Adventures in Paradise — Contemporary version of Hawaiian music commemorates 50th year of statehood.

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