A Lefty's day in the sun



It's here, finally. International Left-Handers Day. Roughly 93 percent of you may not give a shit, but then again it's not your time to shine, now is it?

Maybe I'm really excited because I'm really, really left-handed. Watch me do anything with my right hand and you'd assume that my applesauce had been laced with muscle relaxers.

Honestly, I didn't even know this celebration existed until this morning. But nonetheless I thought I'd pay tribute to some of our most prominent left-handed musicians, dead or alive.

Notable left-handers

Jimi Hendrix

Kurt Cobain

Paul McCartney

Dick Dale

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (The Mars Volta)

Iggy Pop

Tim Armstrong (Rancid)

Phil Collins

Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band)


Iggy Pop

David Cook

There's a ton more if you care to research, including tip-toein' Tiny Tim (ukulele), Billy Ray Cyrus and, for what it's worth, Eminem.

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