Live review: Ours




Visulite Theatre

Aug. 10, 2009

The Deal: Melodic rock act Ours performs in Charlotte at Visulite Theatre.

The Good: It’s been a while since Ours’ last headlining show in Charlotte. The last time they were here they opened up for Filter at Amos’ Southend. Since then, they’ve been kicked off their record label and they’ve been writing new material, front man Jimmy Gnecco revealed during the show. Ours played songs mostly from their 2008 album Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy) (“Willing,” “Mercy,” “Black,” “Ran Away,” “Murder,” “Live Again,” “God Only,” “The Worst Things Beautiful,”) and from their 2001 album, Distorted Lullabies (“Here is the Light,” “I’m a Monster,” “Bleed,” “Dizzy,” “Meet Me in the Tower,” “Miseryhead,” and “Fallen Souls”). Highlights included a lengthy, music-heavy version of “Live Again” and the acoustic “Meet Me in the Tower,” in addition a newbie tune called “Sing for Me.”

The Bad: Nothing was bad about this show. However, Gnecco mentioned the band had written enough new material for several CDs. I would have liked to have heard more than just one new song.

The Verdict: Ours is a band to check out any time they roll through town. Let’s just hope they don’t take too long, before coming back. In all my times of seeing Ours live, which dates back to 2001 performances, they have put on an impressive performance. The lyrics to Ours' songs are always meaningful (and sometimes a bit gloomy), while the music that accompanies them is powerful and full of depth. You can’t get much better than that.

Ours setlist


Sing for Me



Here is the Light

Ran Away

I’m a Monster


Live Again

God Only


The Worst Things Beautiful


Meet Me in the Tower


Fallen Souls

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