Gov’t Mule did not kick my ass



You wanna know why? Because I did not get to see the damn show! This would’ve been my first time seeing Warren Haynes and the boys. My ignorance convinced me to “just wait” and buy the ticket before the show. I ASS-umed it would not be a sellout.

So I fired up the bike and rode over to the Fillmore. As I turned the corner off of Seaboard Street, there was a freakin’ line that snaked from the box office almost to the bridge crossing 277. With that many people, I thought it must be a line for government assistance, not Government Mule! So I parked the steel horse to go stand in the box office line. Folks were chattering about the possible release of new tickets. I realized this was not a good thing … sure enough, the show was a sell-out.

I stood in line for about 45 minutes watching the dedicated fans and (to my surprise) several yuppies. Finally there was activity at the ticket window. Suddenly a bald dude (with a beard Erik the Red would have been proud of) lets out a yell that could have signaled the start of a Scottish clan battle. It was obvious he was able to get a ticket. The line started to slowly move forward. When I stepped up to the window, the attendant placed a white piece of paper on the window, “THIS SHOW IS SOLD OUT.”

I was torn. Pissed for not getting in to see the show, but happy to see the demand for Gov’t Mule at the Fillmore.

Next time I’ll be sure to get my tickets in advance.

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