Warped Tour 2009


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So, I caught about 28 bands yesterday and took more than 3,000 photos... Needless to say, it's going to take a little time to go through them and post a gallery.

In the meantime, let me say this. The Millionaires are the worst band I've ever heard. Talentless — plain and simple. It looked and sounded like three girls who decided "we can be rappers and pop stars, too!" and set out to make the most repetitive, brainless music ever heard. The lyrics sound like they were written by second-graders.


The best band and performance of the day easily goes to Gallows. Holy shit. I expected singer Frank Carter to go into the crowd, but the show started off with every band member, except for the drummer, leaving the stage and heading into the crowd. What followed was 30 minutes of mayhem — moshing, screaming and a "wall of death." Carter told the security guards to "fuck off" when they went into the pit, said half of the bands on Warped Tour sucked — naming Brokencyde and Jeffree Starr among others, and continually insisted that the crowd turn the entire parking lot into a mosh pit.


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