Elvis vs. Michael — A throwdown for the ages



Over the past few weeks, you may have read an article or two about the late Michael Jackson. Maybe you even noticed the occasional blurb on tv. It seems a Jackson revival is upon us.

Meanwhile, the inevitable comparisons to another music icon have already begun. That being the immortal Elvis Presley and how both of their lives and deaths were similar. Questions have arisen such as — Which of these legends will leave the bigger stamp on music history? Which of these late greats will make more money in the afterlife? Who is the bigger legend?

But aren’t we missing the most obvious question? The vital inquiry that needs answering? An event that will ultimately decide supremacy... What, you may ask, am I referring to? Dance moves, of course!

But how you may ask, could we ever determine a winner? How would we ever know who would hold the top spot? The only fair, non-biased way: Dance off.

That’s right – an old-fashioned battle royale. Pitting Elvis’s pelvis against Jacko’s moonwalk. And before you hand the trophy to M.J. just because you’ve seen the moonwalk footage a gazillion times and have attempted it yourself, and failed, a half-gazillion, let’s go back to how this revolution started.


Back in 1956 – I know you all remember it well – Elvis was starting to make it big. On a live performance on The Milton Berle Show, Elvis broke lose with some hip gyrations that would land most in the emergency room. Women across America were never the same. At the time, it was deemed such a controversy that when he appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show a few months later, the cameras were only allowed to show “The Pelvis” from the waist up. The rest is history.


Everyone knows Mr. Jackson’s dance move all to well. During a live performance of "Billie Jean" in 1983, his first time solo, Michael went slip-slidin’ in his loafers across the stage and into legend with a dance move that has not yet found an equal.

So put away the number-one1 hits, the money made, the rhinestone jumpsuits and the sparkly glove. Let’s focus on what’s important.

So, which is it? Elvis’s gyrating and pelvic thrusting (shield your eyes kids!)? Or MJ’s intergalactic walk (what the...?)?

You make the call — leave your comments below. I’ll tally the results and, most importantly, declare the winner.

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