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Music Menu: A.A. Bondy, NIN/JA



A.A. Bondy. Fat Possum recording artist A.A. Bondy – formerly known as Scott Bondy, the front man for Nirvana-esque knockoffs Verbena (that descriptive might be a bit harsh, as the band certainly had its moments, but the similarities are unmistakable)– is now hawking his musical wares as a Dylanesque folk/blues practitioner, and, previous musical reference points be damned, it somehow works. Consider, however, that Cobain himself seemed to be moving in this direction toward the end of his career ("Pennyroyal Tea," "In the Pines"), and, moreover, that Verbena too, minus the feedback, similarly traveled in the same ditch-dank, dark blues vein, and you begin to see how it all comes together, at least before (as in most of Bondy's lyrics) it all starts to fall apart again. With Holly Miranda, Perry Fowler. Snug Harbor (Tim Davis)

NIN/JA. Trent Reznor claims this is likely Nine Inch Nails' final tour. Jane's Addiction has reunited with original bass player Eric Avery for its first tour in more than 15 years. The opening act is Street Sweeper Social Club, pairing Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello with The Coup's Boots Riley. The bands have been offering free tickets via Twitter on a daily basis and sold VIP tickets to help out a fan in need of a transplant. It may look a helluva lot like the early '90s, but I'd say it's an easy bet that, if you like your rock hard, this is one of the best shows of the year. Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Jeff Hahne)

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