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No Doubt

Thanks for that whole Lady Gaga dealio, Gwennie. Oh, and that cheeky Lily Allen. And that "I Kissed a Girl"... girl, Katy Perry. Plus Paramore, perhaps, and Panic! at the Disco. And Fergie! (Can't forget the Fergs!) Hannah Montana, come on down! You're the next person to be influenced by a band with an almost unholy (but wholly entertaining, at least on occasion) blend of Spice Girls sex and sass, prefab funk and (again on occassion) real feel. Are y'all still relevant? Who knows. But M.I.A. is, and damn if a lot of her moves don't look awfully familiar. With Paramore and The Sounds. Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Davis)


This Boone-based combo is downright unpeggable. Not that you want music to be cleanly pegged anyway. Groovenauts swirl blues and garagey psychedelic rock with gospel-tinged funky Afrobeat into a confounding groove. Their subtle intonations and not-so-subtle guitar work is intriguing, and any band that's got a pulse on a proper musical tribute to African music legend Fela Kuti is OK in my book. With One Big Love. The Evening Muse (Shukla)

Gaelic Storm

The California Celtic band's storytelling prowess, wit-laden and jovial, along with loads of traditional instrumentation – bodhrán, fiddle, accordion, mandolin, pipes and whistles – have evolved a signature sound over the past decade. The quintet's recent disc What's the Rumpus? is brushed with bluegrass and has a keen ear toward American roots music that's composed with a natural sense of interplay. Neighborhood Theatre (Shukla)

Tom Principato

He is a bluesman, to be sure. But Tom Principato makes his six strings cry, croon and shake the rafters all the while roping in bits of jazz, rock, Crescent City funk, and even reggae. His road-hardened voice and fluid picking and bending of the aforementioned strings are further showcased in his recent recording Raising the Roof!. Principato is as invigorating when chopping straight blues licks or stitching them into a reggae foundation. Double Door Inn (Shukla)


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