Tonight's gigs



Crank County Daredevils Sleaze rockers CCD are lost in the rock & roll jungle with nary a care to find their way out. The Asheville blokes merge punk, garage, and hard rock – the down and dirty Stooges and G N' R type – that's custom-made for drinking and debauchery. The guitar riffs are sloshed and hammered with abandon while the quartet has a grand time pounding eardrums. With the Poontanglers, Appalucia and The Bitterman. Snug Harbor (Samir Shukla)

Clang Quartet The brainchild of Scotty Irving (the former drummer for Geezer Lake, Eugene Chadbourne, Bunker and a number of others), Clang Quartet's moniker is rather straightforward: think lots of improvisational drone/noise/percussion and performance art, all tied up with a semi-sorta-spiritualist twist. Which is nice, but don't go expecting a kumbaya-like drum circle here – Clang Quartet sounds more akin to Rashied Ali and Tom Waits let loose in a chef supply store, only amplified. With Thrones, Grids, Projexorcism. Milestone (Timothy C. Davis)

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