Tonight's shows



Roman Candle After toiling in the trenches for a good patch, this (then) Chapel Hill-based band seemed poised for Next Big Thingness with its 2003 record The Wee Hours Revue (which was really just their 2002 debut, Says Pop, gussied up by Chris Stamey and repackaged by Hollywood Records). But Hollywood sat on it for two more years until Richard Branson's V2 bought and released it to near-unanimous acclaim. But Branson sold that label the next year, and after a few more attorney-sized twists and turns, Roman Candle has finally released its follow-up Oh Tall Tree In the Ear. The neat thing is, those rootsy Big Star/Beatles hooks still sound fresh even after all that industry bullshit. With the Deep Vibration at the early show. The Evening Muse (John Schacht)

Ramseur Records Showcase Concord's burgeoning record label may have passed off the Avett Brothers to a larger home, but that doesn't mean they aren't cultivating more talent. Frontier Ruckus will kick off the show, followed by Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers who continue to garner praise from all over the place. Jim Avett – father of those previously mentioned Avett Brothers – will perform in the middle spot, followed by anti-folk hero Paleface. The night will end with a set by Bombadil. Quite an evening of music. Visulite Theatre (Jeff Hahne)

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