10-in-10 CD reviews



Each Friday, we bring you 10 CD reviews done in 10 words each:

Bellini The Precious Prize of Gravity — Husband/wife noise rockers release first CD in four years.

Ear Pwr Super Animal Brothers III — N.C. natives blend indie pop bits with heavy electro anthems.

Mike Herrera’s Tumbledown — MxPx frontman brings some punk flavor to rockabilly side project.

Settle At Home We Are Tourists —Band’s rough indie-rock sound is new for Epitaph label.

Jason Lytle Yours Truly, the Commuter — Former Grandaddy frontman releases 12-track indie-rock solo debut.

Stephaniesid Warm People —Indie pop group out of Asheville keeps on getting better.

Two Man Gentleman Band Drip Dryin’ — Neo-vaudevillian duo known for giving out free kazoos at shows.

Mat Kearney City of Black & White — Sophomore album from singer featured on handful of television shows.

The Crystal Method Divided By Night —Pioneering electronic duo gets help from a handful of lyricists.

Joey DeGraw Say Something Strong — Gavin’s big brother to release his roots-rock sophomore album. (At the Evening Muse on May 23.)

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