Kris Allen wins 'Idol'



First off, let me thank whoever the woman was on the radio this morning that spoiled the finale of "American Idol" for me. Actually, it's not that big of a deal, and kind of humorous.

My alarm went off this morning and it was timed perfectly to the morning's headlines. As she rambled through the usual murder, politics and weather it was one line that caught my ear — "Kris Allen won 'American Idol' last night." Gee, thanks. I was going to fast forward through the two-hour show during breakfast to see the reactions for myself and find out who won, but the lady spoiled it for me. Oh well...

So, how did Allen beat Adam Lambert? I'm guessing there were a handful of people that voted for Adam to lose more than for Kris to win. I'm guessing people who were fans of Danny Gokey pulled for Allen. I'm guessing, like me, people just had enough of "Screech Glambert."

If you watched the final singing competition on Tuesday night, you heard plenty of screeching in that second song Lambert sang. Simon Cowell said his first song was too theatrical — Hey Simon, where have you been all season? He's been theatrical every week...

I've heard bits and pieces about the show last night and am a little scared to see Lambert sing with Kiss, though I'm guessing it was a good fit with Queen — being theatrical and a higher falsetto range in his voice.

Now that Paul Rodgers has left Queen to tour with Bad Company, maybe Glambert has a shot at being the new frontman? Personally, I still think he's going to wind up on Broadway. Here's Rolling Stone magazines thoughts.

Yep, I'm not a fan. But it's not like I've seen any of the Idol winners or contestants in concert, or bought any of their albums or have plans to change any of that.

I've hung out with Chris Daughtry and interviewed him a handful of times, helped organize his homecoming because I was the editor of the local paper in the Greensboro area, but that's about it. Never saw him in concert outside the homecoming events.

As for Allen, I'm not sure what'll happen. He'll release an album of mediocre pop-rock songs that will be radio-friendly. It will sell well, but only time will tell if he can be another Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood or if he'll fade from the spotlight like Taylor Hicks.

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