It's not easy being a DJ



Its hard out here for a pimp, but even harder for djs. Especially if said dj has a wife and kids at home. One of the most important things a dj HAS to do (no exception) is make sure his face is seen as much as possible. Especially if his name doesn’t ring out like a Smitty (he can cash a check with just Smitty on it) or Andy Kastanas.

So, you show your face in every club/lounge/bar that your target audience hangs at, but in doing that, you start to neglect things at home. You have to make up your mind quickly as to what level of dj you want to be? Do you want to be the next headliner at Ibiza? Or do you just want to be the next local hero, making enough to justify being out 4 nights a week?

With most of us, that desire to see people sweating to your beat, and making those “daaaaaaamn!!” faces when you put on something dope that they havent heard before, or seeing their minds walk down memory lane just by looking in their eyes when you drop that song they haven't heard in years is almost worth it.

Djing is disease, and sweating for the people is the only cure. The key is finding an understanding mate who enjoys the music just as much as you, and finding that balance between home and HOM (I know they’re no longer with us, but that was too

Never forget who really has your back when you’re back behind the booth. Yeah, those couple of hundred moving bodies is under your spell for five hours, but when the music stops, who’s the one that’ll let you sleep a little later the next day? Who’s the one that puts up with you blowing the budget on new equipment and new music? Show appreciation for your number one fan, and never take them for granted.

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