Ready for the Parade



I haven’t yet used this blog to plug upcoming shows but when I heard Mice Parade was going to pass through Charlotte, I knew that I would have to plug away. Why? Mice Parade’s sound is extremely unique, the musicians are deft, they put on a hell of a live show and I don’t remember ever seeing them pass through Charlotte before.

The group was originally the solo project of New York percussionist Adam Pierce. His early work took an interesting take on post-rock/electronica as it blended break-beat drumming with layers of melodic samples (some of which included Pierce’s work on my favorite instrument, the vibraphone).

In 2001, Pierce went further by pairing up with Doug Scharin on drums which allowed Pierce to write tunes that are grounded in nasty poly-rhythmic drumkit work. That’s right, the live show now includes two deft drummers laying down mind-blowing grooves. Pierce also began writing tunes with the cheng or Chinese harp, tunes that are accompanied by anything from vibes, to violin, to classical guitar, to Rhodes piano, to nasty analog synths.

You can catch them Saturday May 9, at the Neighborhood Theatre. Until then, you can check out some live tracks on their myspace.

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