Ray Anderson



Ray Anderson Jr. (a/k/a dj rsenal) dj’d his first party when he was in the 8th grade. His interest in all types of music continued to grow from there, and once he accepted a job at The Record Exchange in 1992, he knew he was a full blown music addict. He got into djing seriously in 2005, hosting an internet radio show for two years. Under the moniker dj rsenal, he’s held down residencies at HOM and Loft 1523, playing mostly deep, soulful house (but loves classic and acid house as well). Growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s, he has a deep appreciation for all music “Look in my Ipod…you’ll see everything from Todd Rundgren to Talib Kweli”. He looks forward to sharing his thoughts as a local dj with the masses “before that first beat is played, and after that last note waifs through the speakers, there’s a life that most people don’t know about. A lot of things that affect us, and playing for the people is our therapy”.


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