Got opinions?



Have opinions about the Charlotte music scene or music in general that you'd like to share with readers?

We're looking for a few good contributors to write weekly posts right here on this blog. It's music journalism, so you know there's probably no money involved, but if enough people read your post, or if things work out, maybe there's some payola in your future.

This is not a way to get free CDs and concert tickets. It's a way to share your views about an area of the music scene that you feel like we aren't paying enough attention to. Maybe you want to share your list of "top 10 guitar solos of all time," review of a concert you went to or thoughts on a new band, or an old one. Or perhaps you're in a band and want to share stories of life on the road, in the studio and on stage.

The idea is to get more voices and views shared with the public. Interested people should e-mail me at for more details.

Think it's a waste of time? Showing my love of music writing by doing it for free for six years is one part of why I was hired for this job as music editor...

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