Earth Day music



I've been searching the Web high and low for songs that would be fitting for Earth Day. Here's what I've come up with so far — feel free to add your suggestions in the comments:

"Big Yellow Taxi" - Joni Mitchell

"Roll On, Columbia!" - Woody Guthrie

"Garbage" - Bill Steale & Pete Seeger

"Ode to Big Blue" - Gordon Lightfoot

"Where do the Children Play?" - Cat Stevens

"Ask Any Farmer" - John McCutcheon

"This Land is Your Land" - Woody Guthrie

"What Do You Love More Than Love?" - Dar Williams

"Animal" - Ani DiFranco

"Something In the Rain" - Tish Hinojosa

"Wonderful World" - Louis Armstsrong

"Metal Drums" - Patty Larkin

"Mercy Mercy Me" - Marvin Gaye

"Paradise" - John Prine

"Shapes Of Things" - The Yardbirds

"Nature's Way" - Spirit

"Don't Go Near The Water" - The Beach Boys

"If A Tree Falls" - Bruce Cockburn

"Don't Go Near The Water" - Johnny Cash

"Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)" - Neil Young

"Pollution" - Tom Lehrer

"I Can't Breathe" - Don Preston

"Earth Song" - Michael Jackson

"American Child" - John Denver

"Take It Back" - Pink Floyd

"Collapse" - Rise Against

"Earth Songs" - John Denver

"One Sweet World" - Dave Matthews Band

"Don't Ask Me" - P.I.L.

"Lonely Planet" - The The

"Out in the Country" - Three Dog Night

"It's Too Late" - Bob Mould

"What Are We Gonna Do?" - Dramarama

"Nothing But Flowers" - Talking Heads

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