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That 1 Guy Mike Silverman, aka That 1 Guy, is a classically trained bassist touring with his invention the "magic pipe." The pipe is a contraption adding to the funkiness, propped further by foot drums, that a typical bass can't create, and it works because Silverman is such an accomplished musician. His one-man band nuttiness crosses the juncture where Zappa meets Tom Waits meets Ween meets Primus with scads of whacked lyrics in songs like "Weasel Potpie," "Buttmachine" and "Steamin' Hunks." You get the picture. Double Door Inn

Husky Charlotte's own psychedelic acid rock trio Husky is perfectly comfortable in the hollows where they exist. They dig the titans of guitar-god rockers of the '60s and '70s where blues was the firm foundation and long, layered and spacey rock jams were the norm, not the exception. Husky's recent recording The Sea King is about as cosmic rock as it gets. With Delicious and Cement Stars. Tremont Music Hall

Webb Wilder For over two decades roots rocker Wilder has honed his wit-laden blues and roots rock to a point where its second nature. Along with his corky stage presence, the singer, guitarist and filmmaker backs up his oodles of musicality with irreverence and a tongue firmly planted in cheek. His most recent recording, Born to Be Wilder, showcases his most potent persona, performing live. The Evening Muse

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