Music Menu (3/20/09)



The Lenny Federal Band Federal, formerly of the ... wait for it ... Federal Bureau of Rock 'n' Roll (yes!) was, along with his musical (com)patriots, a staple in the burgeoning Charlotte rock scene of the '70s and early '80s. Known for its brand of relatively straightforward bluesy originals and for its good taste in classic cover tunes, the Federal Bureau always resisted making the move to the Allman Brothers-like sound so many of their Caucasian compatriots did, in favor of keeping it simple. Federal, a cornerstone cog in the Charlotte music scene, hasn't changed that recipe a whole lot of the years. Forgive the food metaphor, but it's musical meat and potatoes you're getting here – meat and potatoes slow-cooked with plenty of care, and with but a soupcon of spice. The Comet Grill (Timothy C. Davis)

Laura Reed & Deep Pocket Reed brings a soulful style with vocals done in the key of Erykah Badu. One look at her dreadlocks lets you know they won't be afraid to get a little more funky with it. The band's latest is an audio/visual double-disc that gives you a taste of what you'll see. If you're afraid to try something new with the economy being bad, that excuse goes out the window. This show's free. Neighborhood Theatre (Hahne)

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