Idol thoughts - Top 11



Let's get straight to it. Everyone who saw American Idol last night, otherwise known as "America's Biggest Karaoke Contest," is talking about the performance of Adam Lambert.

Lambert took Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and turned it into a sitar-y, Middle Eastern-vibe of a song and people either love it or hate it. There's no middle ground here. People give him heaps of praise for having originality and doing something completely different, or trash him for doing a "horrendous" rendition and saying it's the worst thing they've heard.


I sit with the second group. I thought it was awful. I think Johnny Cash is rolling around in his grave and yelling, "Let me out of here so I can go kick that young kid's ass!"

Here's an interesting part of the story — much like Daughtry's version of "Walk the Line" a few years back, it wasn't an original version and Lambert didn't get to give credit where it's due. So, who sang the original? How about another contestant on a different singing reality show. Remember Rockstar: Supernova? Rember Dilana?


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