Music Menu (3/9/09)



Early Man: Straddling the bombast between Metallica and punk, thrashers Early Man spew the noise with loads of flailing hair, a dual guitar attack, pounding percussion and manly vocals. The quartet's been gathering a following of late. Listen closely and they generally prove they're a notch or two above the throngs of similar headbangers. With Red Fang and Boolow. The Milestone

Tricky: The essential show of the week belongs to Tricky. He arrived in the early '90s doing groundbreaking work with hip-hoppers Massive Attack and clinched the mantle of trip-hop with his subsequent solo outings. Tricky's weave of trip-hop, dancehall, rap, cabaret, and electronica is utterly original. His newest disc, last year's Knowle West Boy, adds elements of rock, punk and ska into the mix, but the darkly atmospheric foundation is never far away. With the Floacist. Neighborhood Theatre

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