CD Review: Coconut Records



CD Review: Coconut Records


Young Baby Records; Release date: Jan. 20, 2009


The Deal: The Los Angeles-based actor/musician Jason Schwartzman (You know him from his roles in movies like The Darjeeling Limited, Rushmore, I Heart Huckabees, Shop Girl and Slackers) releases sophomore album for his indie pop musical project Coconut Records.

The Good: Before Coconut Records Schwartzman drummed for the band Phantom Planet. On Davy, he refers to his previous time in the group on the song "Drummer," where he repeats in the chorus line "I was the drummer in a band that you've heard of." How about all the movies? He doesn't mention those. Davy is full of catchy, pop laden hooks, sounding similar to The Beatles, but with a fresher indie pop flare. The album opens with the track "Microphone," a laid back, fun to hear ditty. It's followed by the simple, yet honest track "Drummer," which also features an anthemic parade-like strand of horns. "Any Fun" features jangly keys, tambourine, bells and horns for a collective mix of sounds, as do many other tracks on the album, including "Wandering Around," "I Am Young," and "Is This Sound Ok?" Some tracks are slower, like "Courtyard," which has a relaxing half-awake, half-asleep feel to it. My favorite on the album is "Saint Jerome," a playful song featuring guitar, tambourine, horns and other instrumental layers for a feel-good vibe.

The Bad: The songs might seem more simple than they are, but drops of a various instruments appear throughout. Lots of sounds add to tracks already touching melodies.

The Verdict: It's worth a listen, or two, or three. Actors shouldn't always stick to just acting, because some (like Schwartzman) have musical talent. From start to finish, Davy will take you on a refreshing journey of upbeat indie pop songs.

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