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It took me 45 minutes to go a mere few blocks from the gym to my house because of CIAA traffic. Hence the reason I jumped on the opportunity to attend the NFL Celebrity Bash at Extravaganza Depot. Celebs aside, I was excited about the fact I could divert the traffic headed into Uptown, park my car a few feet from the entrance, and mosey my ass right on into the party with no clusterfuck.

I was there at 10:30 p.m. and was informed I was early. But I made good use of the

dance floor nonetheless. Extravaganza is an ideal location to throw a party

between the ballroom sized dance floor, 10 bartenders to every bar, easy access

parking, and a train car for a smoker's lounge..... and then end it with ...and that I do not like (regarding the traffic congestion)


With no hassle or hustle, I just pulled up and parked at the official ESCU, NC A&T and NCCU Alumni Party hosted by Chris Hope of the Titans, Santana Moss of the Redskins, Vontae Leach of the Texans, Brandon Newton of the Raiders, William Hayes of the Titans, Giradie Mercer of the Eagles, Troy Pelshack of the Rams and Chris Harris of the Panthers... I feel like I just listed the roster at the Pro Bowl or something.


Meanwhile, Crown Royale took over Mez where everyone (and the party) was sexy hot and more people diverted traffic at Tyberpalooza.


Meanwhile, I noticed these lights coming from an unknown location from the window of my Uptown townhouse – I thought they were Batman lights or something…. But turns out there’s a new location behind Dixie’s Tavern: Venue 301. I’ll get back to you on that one, or 301.

This is why I love Charlotte…..we have Speed Street and CIAA - both are big massive parties in Uptown that might put Mardi Gras to shame, and both have the same level of traffic congestion.

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