Music Menu (2/27/09)



The Houstons The laid-back harmonies of brothers Matt and Justin Faircloth (nee Houston) always seem to be comprised of equal parts resignation and rejoicing, and the mid-tempo shuffle of the songs works perfectly whether one's settling in for the evening or preparing to take the town by storm. Sonically, it's also dead-on Houston – or anywhere where there's plenty of room to roam. Ostensibly a mix of steel, hazy pedal-driven guitar and brushed drums, it's driving music – in either interpretation of the word. With the Trouble Walkers and Bruce Hazel and Some Volunteers. The Milestone (Timothy C. Davis)

Blue Dogs The Blue Dogs isn't going to blow you away with its musicianship, necessarily, but the band does manage to rollick along rather pleasantly, knowing that mid-tempo doesn't have to mean Hootie. Bobby Houck and co. do a nice job of consistently evoking the Carolina landscape without resorting to faux country tropes, and the whole thing really swings after a couple cold ones: rhythm and brews, if you will. Sylvia Theater, York (Davis)

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