Music Menu (2/21/09)



The Shockwaves Sloppy is good. This Atlanta punk-and-garage combo stumbles and fumbles over the instruments but struts out rocking nonetheless. Last summer's release Pankastroika is kooky on the spy movie theme tip, yet is decidedly cocky. The band is more punk than hardcore, and takes cues from both the West Coast (Dead Kennedys) and early Brit punk. Also on the bill: Southside Punx, Murder Media and IED. Milestone (Shukla)

The Stellas This young Rock Hill/Charlotte-based quartet do the power-alt-pop thing with agreeable enough aplomb. Consisting of bass player Josh Knight, vocalist/guitarist Adam Middleton, drummer Jacob Worden and newest Stella Shaun McFall, the Weezer-worshipping wee ones also seem to have cut their teeth on a solid stack vintage vinyl from the likes of The Kinks, The Zombies, and The Hollies, with a little Cobain and The Cars thrown in for roughage. With Nathan Morris & Joanna Lynne; No Second Troy & Last November. The Evening Muse (Timothy C. Davis)

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