10-in-10 CD Reviews



Each Friday we bring you 10-word reviews of 10 random CDs released in the last few months:

Solarcade Songs for the Gathering — Pop-rock duo has garnered attention of Killers’ Brandon Flowers.

Ani DiFranco Red Letter Year — Album finds joyous tone, but same vibe she’s known for. (Neighborhood Theatre on March 11)

Red Innocence & Instinct — Modern rock quartet releases follow-up to Grammy-nominated debut.

Valencia We All Need a Reason to Believe — Yet another of those bands that sounds Warped Tour ready.

The Lonely Island Incredibad — Andy Samberg, others release “Dick in a Box” on album.

Katy Mae You May Already Be A Winner — Five-song EP has Southern rock tone flowing through it.

The Modern Society The Beat Goes On — Atlanta retro-rockers release 35-minute sophomore effort…not bad!

North Elementary Not For Everyone Just For You — Carrboro, N.C., band finally releases intended debut, released second, album.

Tom O’Connor Frozen in Anticipation — Arlington, Va., singer combines folk with elements of pop, country.

The Green Eyes Relapse to Recovery — There are points for originality, but this band gets none.

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