Break out the Bikinis!



When I first heard about Bikinis in University opening my first thought was: “That sounds like a place I want to go”... if we were in Myrtle Beach for Spring Break or something. But since we’re not, I sent my intern, Sarah from UNCC, to check out the booby bar, breast-eraunt.

By Sarah Coombes

Living the life of a college student means spending my week with dead poets and ex-world leaders. Beginning to feel a little dead myself, I was relieved for the weekend to roll around so I could breathe a little life into my nights. So, I opted to check out the new Bikinis I’d been hearing about on campus.


After-all, anything has to be better than Bar Charlotte, a place known for its barely legal booty and the guys trying to get it. Well, the guys were still trying to get at the booty at Bikinis.

Upon entering, you feel as though you’re walking into your typical sports bar-restaurant where you can you can just sit back and chill with friends. Since it is in the University area, I figured it would be packed with young college boys drooling over the girls. Instead, Bikinis makes you feel surrounded, and I do mean surrounded, by creepy, older men drooling over the girls. One extraverted pervert even had his friend take a picture of the server’s chest.

As for the college guys, most of them were turned away by the wait. Regardless, the girls are hot – someone is going to be drooling over them. I can’t say I’m criticizing Bikinis for the creepy guys, hot, young college girls in Bikinis are bait for creepy, old men. So why lure them to University?

I thought about how my experience would be different if I was at Hooters. Yeah, the girls are just as flirtatious — but when I ask guys why they go to Hooters, the answer was not always the girls. Most said they like Hooters for the sports, especially UFC. At Bikinis, the answer was always “the girls in bikinis.” No one mentioned the massive burger that’s bigger than a boob.

Granted, a bikini top and cut off shorts is a sexier uniform than orange shorts and tube socks.

If they can ever get in, Bikinis is a great place for college guys. After a long week of school, guys would love to see hot girls bringing out drinks and burgers. But for college girls, we can get eyed up at other places, and by much cuter guys, too!