Hudson lip synchs, 'oversings' National Anthem



OK, look, I'm not trying to be insensitive here. Jennifer Hudson has gone through a terrible tragedy that no one would wish on anyone, and did an incredible thing by showing up at the Super Bowl and being able to perform. It takes courage to do that.

Now, let's be real. She's not a singer — she's a screamer/oversinger. It starts out ok, but then it just gets loud. I said it during her days on American Idol, I said it when she was in Dreamgirls and I'll say it now:

"Hey! Jennifer! See that microphone in your hands? It makes noises louder. You don't need to scream! Oh, and sorry for all that you've been through..."

Aside from the performance, remember how she's an Oscar-winning actress. Well, she was lip-synching last night.

Here's her screaming the National Anthem last night before the Super Bowl.


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