Broadway's in Charlotte... and Brittney's in Limbo



Actually, it’s Savage that was in Limbo... and on stage at CAST (Carolina Actor’s Studio Theatre).

Meanwhile, Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp from the original 1996 cast of RENT are on stage at Ovens Auditorium. Along with Nicolette Hart — perhaps the funniest, most animated Maureen in any RENT production I’ve seen. Makes sense — she is the original Elle Woods in Legally Blonde... the musical?! Really? I mean, we’ve seen people take art and turn it into pop culture, but can you turn pop culture into a piece of art?

I can tell you however that seeing the authentic Roger and Mark on stage made it feel like I was in the Louvre of performing arts, seeing the original masterpiece that is the musical RENT right here in Charlotte thanks to the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.


RENT focuses on the sanctuary of the arts and performing spaces….and CAST is a prime example of a local performance space worth patronizing. It’s perhaps the best independent theater in Charlotte. In addition to the good entertainment and ambiance, they offer $12 bottles of wine at the bar, which during the play Savage in Limbo was converted into the set for the performance.

Savage in Limbo, directed by Paige Johnston Thomas of C&J Casting obviously features a brilliant cast including Johanna Jowett, Barbi Van Schaick, John Cunningham, Sarah Provencal and Chris Walters (whom you may recognize from the Queen City Appliance commercial for which they promised to reimburse Panther fans for a flat screen television if they made it to the Super Bowl... Queen City Appliance was a few games away from being in flat screen debt!)

Cason Point: There is good talent and performing arts on both the big and small stages of Charlotte.


To garnish the entertainment, the band Hardcore Lounge was playing in the other room on CAST’s circular revolving stage.

Savage in Limbo’s run has concluded, but CAST hosts several good plays:

Feb. 12 – March 7 Killer Joe

April 2 – April 25 No Exit

May 28 – June 27 Metamorphoses

Call for tickets: 704-455-8542

But until then go see the original masterpiece RENT at Ovens. It’s surprisingly not sold out so get your tickets here.

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