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Lamb Handler's CD release party is tonight at Snug Harbor.

Megafaun To little initial fanfare, this Raleigh trio released its captivating debut in 2007; well-deserved word-of-mouth spread, and Bury the Square was picked up by Table of the Elements early last year. The record's six tracks read like a suite more than distinct cuts, running the gamut from textured tape-loop glitches and feedback breakdowns to call-and-response field hollers, piano-and-violin interludes, and delicate banjo-driven folk (Megafaun formed from the ashes of DeYarmond Edison, which also spawned Bon Iver). Like fellow alchemists Akron/Family and Califone (they've shared bills or toured with both), there are few sounds this trio can't pretzel into new and intriguing shapes – but never at the expense of accessibility. Here's hoping there's more in the works. Opening for The Rosebuds. Visulite Theatre (John Schacht)

The Duhks The bilingual and soulful singer Sarah Dugas is a fine new addition to the Canadian quintet The Duhks. The band is on the road with their fourth recording Fast Paced World, which combines folk-rock, roots and an Afrobeat underlining that highlights pacing, phrasing and harmony. Call it neo-folk or neo-roots, but The Duhks deliver. Neighborhood Theatre (Samir Shukla)

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