10-in-10 CD Reviews



Each Friday, we bring you 10 random CD reviews done in 10 words each:

Josh Rouse The Best of the Rykodisc Years — Collection covers first five albums and two Eps — good songwriting.

M83 Saturdays=Youth — A distinct 80s flavor. Not sure about all the hype.

Andy Friedman & The Other Failures Weary Things — Cartoonist sure knows how to write some depressing folk songs.

The Bee Gees Odessa — Three-disc edition includes original stereo mix, demos and more.

Hey Monday Hold On Tight — Pop rock from just-out-of-high-school Paramore wannabes.

Cash Cash Take It To the Floor — Brother-fronted band leans heavily on ’80s style, cheesy lyrics. (Tremont Music Hall on Feb. 6)

Two Tongues Two Tongues — Say Anything, Saves The Day combine for more emo-rock.

Tyrone Wells Remain — Pop-rocker’s radio-friendly sophomore effort focuses on his vocals.

Nous Non Plus Menagerie — Singer Celine Dijon’s pop French lyrics are kind of annoying.

Quatre Tete Art of the State — Rockers with punk edge need 36 minutes for 11 songs.

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