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The Gourds For 15 years, The Gourds have wrested humor and poignancy from what they've dubbed "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk," attracting a colorful tribe of "cast-offs, esoteric partiers, paranoid pilgrims, hubristic Trotskyite Gnostics, Cartesian alcoholic minimalists, autoerotic constitutionalists and other natural nonconformists." Last year's Noble Creatures was more traditional, tear-in-your-beer fare, but their 10th and latest, Haymaker, is a return to eclectic form: a deep-fried blend of rock, Tex-Mex, Zydeco, Marty Robbins' cowboy twang, bluegrass, gospel, etc., all carrying narratives that live up to the band's "music for the unwashed and well-read" aesthetic. Visulite Theatre (John Schacht)

Keller Williams We're assuming he's dried out from the latest Jam Cruise and is ready to get back to his solo tour in support of the September 2008 release, Live. Sure he uses looping at times, but the guy can also pick the hell out of that guitar. He'll also jump around to play different instruments, pick up different strange objects to create percussion and put together one amazing jam on his own. Neighborhood Theatre (Hahne)

Noble Rust Atlanta-based metal and punk maniacs Noble Rust crank out unholy hooch of screamo vocals, garage-bred punk rock and sludge rock mayhem. Although they're slower and sludgier metal than punk, there's plenty of experimentation added to feedback and throat-lacerating vocals. The trio formed just a few months ago after other bands disintegrated. Out to impress a first date tonight? May wanna go somewhere else. With PPR, Reverser and 2013 Wolves. Milestone (Samir Shukla)

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