Music Menu (1/21/09)



Crown Town Showdown We can't say enough about how great it is to have an opportunity to catch a bunch of acts for a low price all in the same place. This month's performers include 2013 Wolves, Actual Proof, Case Federal, Evelyn Rose, Fox Chase and Mad Tea Party. Each band will play a short set – if you don't like it, it'll be over quick. If you're enjoying it, you'll want to see them again. Thanks to a screening process, the chances are you'll like every last one of 'em! Alley Cat (Jeff Hahne)

Hamell on Trial Looking and acting something like the geeked-up twin brother of Anton LeVey, Hammell is a high-strung sort of guy, partial to a style of thrash-folk that most certainly won't be played at your local Starbucks anytime soon (see songs like "Ann Coulter's Snatch," which, it pains me to say – I'sa card-carrying pinko – might be one of the single stupidest songs ever laid to paper). Dude sweats like a boar and puts on a hell of an energetic show, to be sure, but in a sort of watching-geriatrics-aerobicizing-in-Boca kind of way – much exertion, little grace. Which is a shame, really – he shows a bent toward lyrical substance and has passion to burn. Unfortunately, Hammell's seemingly content to keep lighting the musical equivalent of sparklers. The Evening Muse (Timothy C. Davis)

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