10-in-10 CD reviews



Each Friday, we bring you 10 random CD reviews done in 10 words each:

The Suicide Kings The Suicide Kings — Usually mellow country, sometimes sped up like a freight train.

Garaj Mahal Woot — Nine funky, jazz songs. Hour, 10 minutes. The jams fly.

Chow Chow Music Doomsday Scenarios — Instrumental music made with unconventional instruments in an upbeat mood.

GB Leighton Shake Them Ghosts — Country rocker’s music is a little like Hootie, voice isn’t.

Colin Munroe Is the Unsung Hero — Free mixtape previews spring 2009 debut. Sounds like multiple personalities.

Savage Savage Island — Deep-voice only thing separating him in unoriginal hip-hop.

Shugo Tokumaru Exit — Japanese funky folkster could provide perfect soundtrack for indie flick.

The Wiyos The Wiyos — Vaudevillian-style, Americana, folk, ragtime, bluesy, country, ’20s flavor, too.

Locksley Don’t Make Me Wait — Liverpool-style rock offered up by quartet from Mid-West.

Flying Lizards Flying Lizards — Reissue allows people to hear worst “Summertime Blues” cover ever.

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