Music Menu (1/11/2009)



Wu-Tang Clan The hip-hop world is a lot like professional sports, and I'm not talking about racial make-up. Even more so than rock or country, Th' Game is a young man's game. Folks like LL and the Wu and (especially) someone like Rakim or KRS-One are respected as elders (usually – Soulja Boy, now on his 14th minute of fame, doesn't seem to feel Ice-T very much), but no one's clamoring to tour with them, much less buy their records. This doesn't change the fact, however, that the Clan's recent, RZA-produced 8 Diagrams is a better, more original record front-to-back than Weezy's Tha Carter III, and infinitely more exhilarating than anything than the G-Unit collective (remember them?) has ever recorded. To use a Wu-anagram, Protons/Electrons Arestill Causing Explosions. Amos' Southend (Timothy C. Davis)

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