Music Menu, 1/3/09




The Hot House Hefftones The N.C. quintet swings, does the samba, dabbles in tango and takes the listener back to a simpler era of Dixieland jazz and lounge music. The dry and wry female vocals, brushed percussion, horns and strings run the gamut of American music – New Orleans brass, porchfront sing-a-longs and smoky jazz bar piano jazz. Quite an intriguing regional band. The Evening Muse (Shukla)

Order of Chaos The Charlotte metal quartet has been making rounds of local and regional gin joints with their melodic, hard groove metal. The blokes have tightened the wares over the last couple of years and are ready to pounce with the release and celebration of the new recording tonight. The double bass drums and guitars oughta keep the party hoppings. With Wicked Jones and Claiming Redemption. Tremont Music Hall (Shukla)

Nicolette Emanuelle A gifted pianist and cellist (most notably in Buschovski), Emmanuelle's ASC grant-funded debut, Pinafore, dropped earlier this year, and resides between PJ Harvey's smoldering heat and Kate Bush's (early) off-kilter cool. You'll hear Tori Amos' and Fionna Apple's names tossed around as influences, too, but there's a good dose of Nick Cave's ethos in Emmanuelle's darker songs and literate narratives. With the Hothouse Heftones at the early show. The Evening Muse (Schacht)

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