Music Menu, 1/2/09




Lil Wayne You have to hand it to Lil Wayne. When he was in the Hot Boys (kind of an iffy name in retrospect, no?), I never even thought him the best rapper in the band (see Juvenile and B.G.). Now, of course, he's arguably the biggest (and best) rapper in the world, excluding perhaps Kanye West, whose most recent album notably features, well, not much rapping. Thing is, he's got the talent to match his million-dollar personality, even if he does seem to go on cruise control from time to time in order to better collect a quick check. Some would even argue he belongs in the pantheon of Big and Tupac – I say, let's let him release a couple more (actual, non-mixtape) records first. Let's also hope he keeps his nose clean – dude's recorded enough over the past year to release about 37 records, and it'd be a shame for them to come out posthumously. Time Warner Cable Arena (Davis)

Mego Dirge Who says the Charlotte music scene doesn't rock? The trio formerly known as simply Mego, combine a variety of styles – Taproot, Nirvana, Helmet – into something of their own that isn't afraid to get heavy and rock your collective socks off. It's not the straight chord rock you might expect, these guys kick up the complexity a notch with riffs and something a bit funkier. Snug Harbor (Jeff Hahne)

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