Guns N Roses to tour



While no dates have been announced yet, is reporting that Guns N Roses will tour for two years to support the long-awaited new album Chinese Democracy, according to the band's guitarist.

The tour is expected to start in late March, though with the deadlines the band has been known to tie itself to in the past, this could mean late March of 2025.

I had the chance to see Guns a couple years back when they hit Greensboro and I have to say ... I was impressed. Sure, Axl Rose may be the only original member left in the group, but damn if he didn't hit all the notes and run around the stage for two hours belting out hit after hit, with a new song thrown in here and there.

A lot of people will detract from the group saying it's not the same, but I'll say this — it's a helluva lot easier to mimic guitar sounds or drums or keyboards than it is to imitate someone's voice. There's only one Axl.

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