Music Menu, 8/20/08



Murdercycle Composed of former headz from Ublisch (still the greatest marketed Charlotte band of all time – dudes had a buzz before they ever played a show) and Seducer (among others), Murdercycle have a sound that's muscular yet lithe, in the vein of someone like the Hellacopters, or, in trippier moments, someone like Early Man or Robedoor. What's more, they can also torch(e) you with robot riffage straight out of the Kyuss playbook. Yer pharmaceutical-friendly show of the week. With Weedeater, The Smoking Rocks, Sons of Tonatiuh, Moanuh Greazuh. Milestone (Davis)

Hope for Agoldensummer More than just a band breathing life into too-often rote folk music forms, Campbell sisters Claire and Page (along with main band mate Deb Davis) hand-make much of their voluminous merch, which includes everything but the plastic discs from 2007's excellent Adriane Thread (for instance). It's part of the music's aesthetic, the way they see it: If you're gonna sing it, live it. Of course, without the slow waltzes that seem carved from Georgia's clay, the junkyard percussion, and sibling harmonies that mesh like cicadas and dusk, that all would matter a little less. With Buschovski and The Houstons. Neighborhood Theatre (Schacht)

Buschovski Sure Charlotte's eclectic musical hermit Todd Busch'll make you scratch your head trying to peg his music. But that's natural. Buschovski, Todd and a slew of musical companions, compose pop gems that are classically stroked and touched with jazz and rock. Busch (piano/vocals/guitar) and company's orchestral and genre-free pop nuggets are in the offing tonight in celebration of the release of their long-awaited new recording. Also on the bill are Hope for agoldensummer and The Houstons. Neighborhood Theatre (Shukla)

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