Music Menu, 12/13/08



Hot Tuna Hot Tuna's Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen, both of whom have been hunting white wabbits since the mid-'60s with Jefferson Airplane, don't seem ready to rest their collective heads on the pop-star pillow – Surrealistic or otherwise – anytime soon. Kaukonen's finger-picked blues, jazz and bluegrass-inflected fretboard runs still sound as silvertoned and shimmery as ever, with Casady's loose, loping bass runs providing the requisite rubbery low end. Long may they swim. Neighborhood Theatre (Davis)

Fuzz and Mac Fuzz Jaxx and McClain Sullivan are Fuzz and Mac. What makes this duo's jazzy and trippy hip-hop so warm is the foundation of soul and old-school beats. The male/female vocals and natural inflections further gel their sound. Originally a part of the now-defunct Organix, the pair later reunited to form this funky duo. Listen to them with a loved one. With Still Life Static and Audioform. Tremont Music Hall (Shukla)

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