Live Review: The Sounds



The Sounds with Farewell Flight and My Epic

Tremont Music Hall

Dec. 4, 2008


The Deal: Swedish electronic indie rockers The Sounds make a stop in Charlotte for a performance at Tremont Music Hall. Opening acts included the local Charlotte band My Epic and the Pennsylvania-based group Farewell Flight.

The Good: The Sounds, of course. The group delivered an energetic set of electronic rock tunes (from its first album Living In America and its second Dying To Say This To You), and hit all the right notes. Before playing “Painted by Numbers” the band did a strong, ear-popping instrumental segment with Jesper Anderberg showing off his skills on the keys, before other members joined in on the music play-off. Another one of the group’s biggest hits “Tony The Beat” was more dance-oriented, spunky and beat-ridden than the song's version on the group’s sophomore album. Other highlights included “Seven Days A Week,” “Queen Of Apology,” “Living In America,” “Ego,” “Night After Night,” “Hurt You,” “Rock ’N’ Roll,” and a whole lot more. In addition, the band played two new songs set to be featured on its next album (due out early next year). Both songs were catchy and full of the same zippy flare that’s got The Sounds’ name buzzing all over the world. Throughout the set front gal Maja Ivarsson was full of energy, even doing a split in mid-air at one point. Her band mates were right behind her though, playing each instrument with exuberant craftsmanship. It was a great show from start to finish.

The Bad: Since Camel Cigarettes was sponsoring the event (it even had its own lounge with lights, white sofas and silver painted models who acted like mannequins set-up in The Casbah area) the smoky stench in Tremont Music Hall was much more increased than normal. In addition, both opening acts (My Epic and Farewell Flight) did little to impress.

The Verdict: Whoopee, I already want to see The Sounds in concert again. Hopefully the next tour go-round the band won’t wait so long before visiting the Q.C. Wherever you are, if The Sounds head your way, you should definitely check them out. The band won't disappoint. It'll have you dancing, jumping and moving all about to its addicting and vigorous melodies.

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