Music Menu, 12/05/08



Eyes of the Elders While it's technically Eyes of the Elders with Stump Dickens –they're gonna get that pirate ship rockin' regardless of the name. If you haven't seen the Eyes/Stump combo before, it's basically Eyes of the Elders with a live band backing the duo up, including violin, guitar and drums. Not to say Eyes of the Elders isn't strong on its own, but when they get a live band to join them, it's like going from rabbit ears to satellite TV. With Lou Ford. Snug Harbor (Jeff Hahne)

Richie Havens Seeing Richie Havens act (and sing and pick a number) in director Todd Haynes' schizo-Dylan biopic I'm Not There caused Your Humble Host here to go on a (legal!) downloading jag, most notable copping the stirring folk-fuled wake-up call Alarm Clock. The first man to go on at Woodstock, Havens, whether because of his penchant for of-the-moment covers, Beatlesiana, or sick-fast strumming, hasn't necessarily been afforded the adoration another look (like, say the one I gave him) might suggest he deserves. No, Havens will never have the depth, the arc, of a Bob Dylan. Then again, not a lot of new Babe Ruths or Louis Armstrongs around, either. McGlohon Theatre (Davis)

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