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It looked like half of Charlotte got naughty at the 20th Annual Second String Santa party — to be nice as the philanthropic party collects thousands of toys for the tots throughout Charlotte. Second String Santa is more like a Second Chance Prom.


This semi-formal soiree is not only a good cause, but an adult prom with spiked punch... and cute cater waiters. Guys wear suits while the ladies throw on their best dresses and heels that hurt. Everyone pretty much looks like they’re going to a prom, homecoming or college formal of some sorts. And I do mean everyone... and their moms too.

The Secret String Santa “Miracle on College Street” is now the “Miracle at the Arena” as the party that started as a backyard bash got so big it had to migrate from Founders Hall to the Time Warner Arena.

The Arena! A party so big it’s held at an arena. Now that’s what I call a holiday ho down!

As it turns out, the arena is a great place to have a party. Whereas at Founders Hall you had to sneak into Tavern 100 in order to use the restroom, at the arena the party was spread out enough people could dance, eat, drink, pee, and be merry.

My boss man told me that back in the day all the guys went to Second String Santa to find a New Year's date. Some things never change because there was a lot of drunk dating going on last night.


Even the photographer got some lovin.

The after party was at Tilt and the EpiCentre Trifecta at Suite, Blackfinn and Whisky River. And all the bars were packed whereas typically Whisky River is the only busy bar on a Tuesday... college night.

And apparently I either have a twin or got a case of amnesia because I received this message over MySpace this morning...

Hey how are you doing today? I am pretty sure I saw you in the men's room at Blackfinn so I am sorry for not saying hi than but I was a little confused. Did you have a good time last night?



So while I’m sitting here trying to recall if I was ever at any point in the men’s bathroom at Blackfinn last night and most everyone I’ve talked to is taking off work, suffering from a headache and craving McDonalds — the wise ones that went home at 11 p.m. when the party ended are gloating about their productivity, but way more importantly — the volunteers for Second String Santa are loading and unloading thousands of toys and taking them to Mecklenburg County Social Services Department to distribute locally to kids throughout Charlotte. Those Santas should be on the real Santa’s V.I.P nice list.

Wearing a long flowy dress with heels I thought to myself — “it would really suck to fall down these stairs... in front of all those people.” I had a funny conversation with the arena attendant at the top of the stairs about it, she said if I fell down them no one would laugh until I let it be known I was okay... but that I better just pretend like it hurts even if I’m okay so that they don’t.”

For more photos of Second String Santa, go here.

Next big event is Bartender’s Ball... you might as well go ahead and buy your ticket... just click here.

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