The end of Dead End Parking



Ever wanted to see some funk mixed with jazz, a splash of rock added in set up in some kind of odd jam-band-type setting? That's one way to look at Dead End Parking, and if you ever wanted to see the Charlotte band live - tonight's your last chance!

The band will offer up two full sets tonight starting at 9 p.m. at The Double Door Inn. There are also rumors of some special guests who might drop by.

Charlotte Live Music Society members get in free — otherwise, it's $7 at the door.

From a message posted at the band's MySpace page: "It's been one hell of a run guys and we can't tell you how much we've appreciated the love and support CLMS, The Double Door Inn, The Neighborhood Theatre, bands we've played with, and our fans have shown us. We want our last scheduled event to be right where it all started, with the people who have always been there for us. Due to personal endevours, we regret that we will no longer be scheduling dates. We still love playing together and playing for you...... our fans. We aren't saying we'll never get together for the occasional gig, but after December 3rd we'll no longer be a working/touring act."


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